Spoiler Alert: Excel 2016 becomes full cloud based BI tool

It sounds like amazing news and it really is. The next release of MS Excel 2016 will contain some incredible Business Intelligence tools.

The upcoming Excel will not only suggest charts (like it did in previous versions) but also analyze your table data and come up with correlations and interesting deductions based on a thorough analysis of your table.


Let's have a quick look at what those Insights do. In the image below you see Excel recognizes -amongst others- (See Insights Pane) that India and the USA have bigger Sales than the rest.

Clicking on 'Insert Chart' (on the Insights Pane) will add a Pivot Table highlighting the found insight.

'Insights' is a feature that was first introduced in Power BI and that is both easy and enriching.

Entity Context

Another thrilling new feature is an intelligent word context analysis, offering related data once the user confirms the context of the word.

This feature is in fact the current 'Smart Lookup' that has been brought to a brand new level. Smart lookup accessed the web to show Wikipedia and other direct links to a word (in a cell).

The new Entity feature asks to confirm the context of a cell (Is it a company ? Is it a city ? ). Once you confirm it brings up a number of extra properties that you can use.

Example 1: Shares

As you can see in the image below Excel asks whether the names already typed in are Shares.

Once confirmed it show a list of extra properties to be added.

The final result is a table that will contain all the properties you pick. Here: Ticker, Open and High.

Example 2: Cities

The 'Entity' recognition also shows the internet 'image' you had before with 'Smart Lookup'. The difference is that the result is narrowed as Excel now knows what the cell content means.



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