September saw the birth of a new Excel function: XLOOKUP. Unlike previous new functions this one might become a little like an earthquake to Excel users worldwide because it is meant to replace the very popular VLOOKUP !Although not yet available for the general public it is interesting to take a look at the function that might make VLOOKUP obsolete:



It sounds like amazing news and it really is. The next release of MS Excel 2016 will contain some incredible Business Intelligence tools.

The upcoming Excel will not only suggest charts (like it did in previous versions) but also analyze your table data and come up with correlations and interesting deductions based on a thorough analysis of your table.



The last versions of Excel offer some incredible new possibilities to link tables, making the use of VLOOKUP obsolete in a lot of cases. Basically Excel got pimped and offers the same possibilities of linking tables as does a full relational database.


If you are doubting your mental health because your Excel suddenly shows you new buttons and options (that you didn't see before) ... read this:

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